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Ozlink Conferencing offers a simple way to record, store and retrieve recordings of your teleconferences.

Automatic Record 

Your account can be set up so that all your teleconferences are automatically recorded – you don’t have to do anything. After your call you can download the recording with the click of a few buttons.

I want Auto Record

Host Initiated (manually activated)

Alternatively, the host can use the telephone keypad to start a recording at any time during the teleconference. Press *2 *1 and a confirmation message will be played into conference.

Where is my recording stored and how much does it cost?

Your recorded conference is stored on our secure server for 28 days only. The cost to record a conference call is $10.

How do I access my recordings?

  • You will need your Customer Portal No (username) and Host Code (password)
  • Download the recording onto your PC in .WAV format

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Download this tip sheet: Recording your conference.


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